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"Preconquest Consciousness" by E. Richard Sorenson

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Preconquest Consciousness is the most life-changing essay that I've ever read. Stanford PhD anthropologist, E. Richard Sorenson, describes the extent to which humans can have radically different ways of perceiving, understanding, and communicating their realities. He discusses implications for both anthropology and epistemology. Download PDF

E. Richard Sorenson filming Fore tribe 1960
E. Richard Sorenson filming the Fore, 1960s.

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John Curry
John Curry
Apr 26, 2023

I have to agree. Do you know if he is still alive? I've made an albeit cursory search and can't see any recent updates to his academic career or whereabouts. If he is still alive, he must be in his early 80s by now.

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